Welcome to my new site! What do you think? All praise and glory goes to the Code Poet - he is a great man with an amazing talent! (and is definitely getting some tonight!)
I suppose, now that I have this rocking interface you will all expect me to write inspiring and interesting posts to go into it... I dunno though, just staring at it's prettiness and clicking all of the cool pull-downs and custom buttons may keep me otherwise occupied for a little while... HAHA just kidding... or not....
Toodles, the night is young, and I have important things to get to!


At 6:57 AM, Blogger dr. david said...

Cool blog! Interesting system of barter. Time honored, I'm sure. Check out my link, I've updated your button. I have to reflect your new coolness! As the Muse says, write! I'll be checking in.


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