There is nothing like a burp
that smells like cat food
from the mouth of an animal
that is NOT a cat
to tell a wife
that a husband left the bathroom door open

Today is a day I wish I had my dog
It is grey out and the sun is gone
it is cold and hostility blows at the window
it is warm in this room
but empty
I have a desperate feeling
and I wish I had my dog
(Nov. 2000 Journal entry)

I was talking about Jubilee of course.
These could be my very words today.
The weather has changed, finals are quickly approaching, and I miss my dog.
I didn't think this emptiness would last.
This hole.
I would be absolutely devastated with the loss of Belle or Marcie.
I am totally in love with those two.
I am completely enamored with each of their unique personalities.
But their presence doesn't lessen the emptiness.
I keep thinking it should.
My heart so full with love, still aches.
I don't understand that.

Today is a day I wish I had my dog.

Oh the perils of posing animals... Well for that matter, posing myself sans double chin is hard enough by itself without the addition of canine family members! All the same, the idea was in my head and I forced my darling husband and unsuspecting roommates to participate. A family picture for Christmas, its a charming ambition don't you think?

The small horse that we own and love, isn't a poser. She is not photogenic. It is not a pretty experience trying to capture her grace and beauty from the other side of a digital camera. She would much rather lay prostrate displaying a lovely view of her privates, than to sit proudly like the fine specimen of the noble breed that she is.

The little rat that we own and love has a posing problem of her own, namely an attitude issue! As in, "I am not looking at your camera, not going to do it, won't happen! I will contort my body in weird and abnormal positions just so I don't have to look at that stupid camera! AND if you set me down for a small breather, (ie: a break so mom and dad can try to keep from losing their shit and yelling at their dumb, unposable creatures) I will run ALL THE WAY upstairs and hide on your bed, and then I WILL pee on your bed when you march ALL THE WAY up there to get me -- and I will do this EVERY SINGLE TIME you set me down!" Yeah, that's attitude if I ever saw it!

Couple this with a severe allergy to dog dander, and a husband who, bless his heart, can't do more than one thing at a time, and you have a Christmas picture filled with:

*skin hives
*grumpy expressions
*turned heads
*missing heads
*contorted body positions
*missing family members (so sorry Simon)
*slobbery bones dangling blurrily in front of the shot
*tons of double chins all around
*a flash of the random and unplanned Christmas cleavage
*Plenty of doggy vulva!

Merry Christmas, hohoho... I will make you all wait for the final product, but let's just say that Adobe Photoshop will be making up for it's inflated cost at the Wengel household this holiday season!

A warm cozy bed to sleep in at night, and during the afternoons on those lovely days where I don't have anything terribly pressing to get to.

A soft snuggly husband who calls me funny names and has way too much nipple hair (he made note of this little known fact, not me - just for the record)

A direction and plan for my life as a vet, I've been waiting for that one to come along for about as long as I have been trying to be a vet... something like, say, 23 years... on that note check this out and this, I am planning for my fourth year rotational externship opportunities! I'm applying to both!

A big lovable dope of a dog, who is finally beginning to show signs of maybe understanding the 'GET YOUR HEAD OFF OF MY COUNTER AND OUT OF MY SINK... AND OUT OF THE TOILET... AND HEY! OUT OF THE BATHTUB TOO!' command... I think the treadmill is actually paying off... only now I have to deal with the other blessing in my life who is currently ricocheting off of the walls like an ewok on a caffeine high. Bella's getting plenty of exercise, but it's been several weeks since the Marsical has been out! Who knew our little migrations were holding so much at bay!

Hair dye, sexy underwear, pumpkin rolls, Excedrin pain reliever, and eBay

Speaking of eBay! LA-DEE-DA! My Christmas shopping is done!

Speaking of Christmas! My tree is up and showering our home with warmth and happiness - such a simple, sweet blessing that is!

Speaking of sweet blessings... I love my family, I miss them all, and a part of me longs for the good old days, when we all shared the same house... the comfort of having my favorite people surrounding me all the time... But don't get any ideas Mom - I'm still sending you to a home! Just kidding, I love ya! :)

Happy Thanksgiving - wish me luck with this year's bird!

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To tide you over until I have more time! Thanksgiving break here I come!