I was a little late. But had grown tired of getting my hopes up. I was busy with so many things and let an unwrapped pregnancy test sit unused in my makeup bag.
I was having such a wonderful weekend with all my favorite people. We were heading out to the amusement park, and the thought crossed my mind that perhaps now would be a good time to pee on the stick. I didn't feel especially lucky, just happy.
My plan was to hop back in bed for ten minutes before making the official check, but my eyes caught the emerging lines as I tried to walk away, and THERE IT WAS. Lighter then the control, but THERE IT WAS, without question. I picked it up and walked into the sunlit bedroom. My heart started beating, and yet I didn't quite believe it at the same time.
I knelt beside Evan, and said, "look." He grinned, and we started to giggle. In a beat, he rolled over towards the other bed and said, "Hey Matt, look!" After some more giggles, Matt suggested, "let’s go tell mom and dad," and in the same breath, "I need to put pants on!"
The three of us piled into their room, and in the shadowy darkness, amidst the ceaseless giggles, my now shaking hands held up the test and said, "Look! Two lines, there are two lines!"
The girls barely budged, and the four of us finally roused them with our excited, "LOOK!" We got an earful in Russian that implied the fact that, "we see, thank you very much, but we would rather be sleeping!"
And that was it really. We got ready dressed, ate breakfast, and spent the day wandering an amusement park. Nothing incredibly unusual, except for the fact that my world was a new and foreign reality. My whole life changed, so quietly and drastically in those perfect, simple moments.


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