I know you are out there. That's right I am talking to you. YOU! Go ahead, look protectively around your shoulder... Now look back... Look me in the eye and listen carefully.
I realize I have a handful of readers. And believe it or not, I know who most of you are. I keep tabs on you, much like you do me, though in not nearly as funny, interesting, or pictorial a form. Consider yourself the lucky ones. I see when you come and how long you stay, what you read, and what color underwear you have on for the day! (well, maybe not the underwear part, but you get the idea!) I love the familiar faces of Linn Creek, Missouri, Fairfield Bay, Arkansas, and Palo, Iowa (just to name a few). You don't even have to comment regularly, I feel loved and secure. Believe it or not, I am not talking to you, my faithful few (you may now take a relaxing sigh of relief and go back to your lurking in peace.

I am talking to you. You, who have been coming, reading, and coming back again, after, I, for the first time have publicly linked to this site.
I know you are out there, the estranged high school friends, the weird college people, and the few random vet school peers... I know you are out there, I know you are reading my blog, and I know you keep coming back... BUT I don't know who you are! And that is driving me more insane then I had banked on! Can you feel the insanity vibes jumping from the screen?!? You new sneaky people make me feel stalked and exposed. So, you blog lurkers who most likely know me in real life, let's get some things straight, m'kay?
1)I write what I want, and I try to be truthful.
2)I don't write very regularly or very often.
3)I allow myself to be somewhat vulnerable. So be nice.
4)I do appreciate comments, let me know who you are, what you think, etc. (it's only fair really, I write for you, and you drop a little note to say, "hey!" once in a while, yeah... That would be nice!)

Well, I feel better now! Enjoy the blog! And keep coming back! I will be unveiling the newest addition to our small family over the weekend sometime! That's right! Wee! I will give you a little teaser though: Her name is Priscilla ;)


At 2:12 PM, Blogger Lyz said...

Lurk, lurk, lurk

At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Sue Flemr said...

Since I am an eaglelady and not a vulture, I could never just lurk, lurk, lurk. I can only soar or sit, looking regal on a branch over a river bend....Eaglelady.


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