I am not feeling incredibly artistic at the moment. I suppose I have a lot to write about, as the last three weeks have been pretty wonderful... But for now, I have been busy getting chores done and am not in a particularly festive or nostalgic spirit. Maybe later in the week... For now I am here to tell you to jump on over to my flickr site (click on the photo badge on my sidebar), as I am beginning to upload and organize my pictures. See something you like, let me know. You can comment on the individual pictures once you have registered for a FREE account. A little bit of a hassle I know, but it is a great photo tool, if you take any digital pictures at all! If you want any of the photos for your self, I can set the preferences to allow you to download. Also, flickr has a printing service as well. I have yet to try it, but I have heard nothing but good things! All I ask is that you keep me posted on what you like and want. I will continue to be adding and updating this week!
Love you all!
Oh! And now that I have seen so many of you blog lurkers in person, I expect a little more in my comment box in the future!


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