Dear lovey-bear,
I miss you. Belle doesn't snore like you do, but she does kick a bit more, and she can't hold me gently and breathe in my ear.
You smell better too... I am taking a deep breath right now, and can smell your warm skin.
I can picture the pattern of freckles on the back of your neck, and the soft man-fuzz on your arms.
I know you're sleeping now -without me- you are most certainly king-like in your sea of pillows - finally all of them in just the right places, with no one to tell you to roll over or to quit hogging the duvet.
I imagine the Marsical keeping watch over the dark bedroom from the confines of her kennel (she is after all the worst pillow hog ever!), trying desperately to fill her dane-sister's shoes...
I miss kissing you goodbye in the early morning hours, and jumping in your arms when you return home. I miss you and love you!
See you soon,
Your sugarmuffin

P.S. oh! Here's a list of things I need you to bring:
glass cake serving tray
wedding card
plastic bra straps
Juby's old e-collar


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