"Nice haircut!" I say getting into the waiting car. I suppose the comment rolled from my lips because 1: I knew he was getting a haircut today, and 2: he had definitely gotten said haircut... All the same, I should have chosen my words more carefully... For example, I may have considered leaving out the part about it being nice... He responded with a drawn out "Yeah..." "Yeah..." I echoed as I began to look a little closer... and from slightly different angles... "What happened!" I begin to giggle.
You have to understand the Code Poet - he's got style! He knows what he likes and likes what he likes! He has always put a great deal of time and energy into his self image. He takes great care in planning outfits, (er.. He probably has a more sophisticated and manly term...) shopping for clothing, and styling his hair(or lack there of ie: ask him someday about the infamous flavor savor!)
I have to say, I don't always 'get' his style, often am frustrated by it's oh-so-holy value within our marriage (I might go so far as to equate it to the proverbial 'other woman'), and from time to time am hurt by it (take for example the many times my thoughtful and beautiful gifts are returned to the store for something more suitable to 'The Style'. That being said... He's got IT - it's undeniable! He looks good - just about all the time... I won't argue a word when it comes to this truth.
So back to his hair. He had a stylist for years. Then I came along and feigned jealousy, so he handed the clippers over to me. To be realistic, something inside of him was most likely cringing and quaking - rolling over in disgust and fear.. But however strong the impulse to run and hide was, it paled in comparison to the thought of sitting in a tub with his shirt off, a cute girl snipping and buzzing and touching his hair...
That is, until the day I snipped a divot in the back of his head... requiring a full blown buzz cut to fix it - a buzz cut!!! Let's just say, no matter how cute I was, no matter how big my boobs were... I was never allowed to pick up a set of clippers again. The man apparently has a line, and I crossed over it in a very big way!
He has since spent his time trying to find just the right person to fill the void. He once spent over thirty dollars, on supposedly the 'best haircut ever'! To this day, He still recalls it with ruptured delight - in the same tones I might describe our honeymoon week... Needless to say, he never went back! Those big boobs still have a little power left!
Finally, He discovered a talented and reasonably priced beautician... Got a few good cuts out of her, was even on an automatic scheduling system (yeah it was a fast moving relationship!)
Then she up and went on maternity leave!
Does it get any better than that!?!
Then today happened.
I probably shouldn't enjoy this so much :)


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