In response to my dear friend Lyz's post
I think I have to respectfully disagree. Sin in our world has many faces, it is misdeed and thought, it is action against God, and it is also the warped and distorted image of his once perfect creation. This last type of sin-influence is rampant in our biological world, it has many faces – cancer, schizophrenia, and death even. A thing like depression, isn’t God-given, nor is it a perfect state, either is a selfish desire, or polio-stricken limbs, a limited mind, or blindness.
I think some conditions or ‘disorders’ like ADD (maybe types of autism fall here too) may actually be a blessing or a gift in our character and not a consequence of a fallen world at all, but that may be a different topic all together!
The way I see it, things like autism or downs, are not perfect states of being, anymore then a broken arm or diabetes - not because these people have fallen short of a television-induced ideal, but because they reflect God’s injured perfection.
That being said, I think that all people, with all injuries of the flesh or spirit, have a place in our world, they have a role and a voice, they are no more ‘imperfect’ then anyone else - just in their own unique, and generally, more obvious way. It’s this point that I think is the major fault of current society, not that they identify the imperfect qualities of others, but that they don’t see it in themselves. That and the so-called imperfect are lessened and looked upon with pity, shame, and hatred!
We were all made in the image of God, and we were all broken and limited by the entrance of sin. We are all waiting for his promise to heal us, to restore our minds and spirits, make us whole and, at last, perfect as planned.
My two cents, any thoughts?


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