A new place to rest my tired bum and a hanging t.v.! Not a bad change as far as I am concerned! Evan was in charge of the before pictures, and as one astute reader noticed, they were actually more of "in-the-middle" pictures, as the old junky furniture had already made a swift exit and the boob tube had already found its new home on the mantle... sigh...
The beautiful thing about leather - dog hair doesn't seem to care for it much, which in my household, is a relationship we will take and run with!!! Also it looks kind of grown-up and fancy, like I actually have style, time, and money! I won't tell you which of those three, if any, I actually possess... I will say though that we got a run-away-before-they-change-their-minds kind of deal on these pieces... (I had to say that you know, I am my mother' daughter, and I am just way too proud of the price tag!) You may also notice the matching dog beds. Evan is on a training mission to teach Belle that her fancy-pancy bed has a magic energy field that keeps her from going anywhere or to anyone, unless we release the before mentioned magic field! She isn't yet convinced, but Evan is doing an excellent job of
brain-washing, it won't be long before she completely submits to our power! On a side note, the big girls would rather share a bed then enjoy their own - go figure - they appreciate a good cuddle, while Marcie, on the other hand, steals the empty bed, and lounges like Cleopatra herself - quite a sight!
In other news, Belle passed her test with flying colors! She was actually one of two in our entire class that didn't totally stress and freak and fail miserably! What a girl! That gives us until Nov. 5th to practice and solidify her training for the final exam!
Another FYI, our mollie pair have gotten down and dirty and we now have over forty little mollies thriving beautifully in our all-of-a-sudden too small tank! Yikes! Why do I feel guilty at the thought of thinning them out... maybe it's the looming picture of a flushing toilet bowl that makes my stomach flip a little... I don't think I will have much luck giving them away, as they are a mixed breed mollie, and generally speaking they are a dime a dozen around these parts. So the drama remains... I will probably put off my decision until they have all tripled in size and are cannibalizing each other due to lack of space, a perfectly stupid response I know, but one I have spent my life perfecting...
Oh, I have so many posts floating around my head, but sadly antimicrobials are stealing my time! After that its internal medicine - maybe I will get some small breaks, I hope so!
Until then I will leave you with my new best friend! I will link it when I have more time! Pandora.com


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Kristin! That furniure is awesome! Your house looks so beautiful. I love it.


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