I'm not as cool and crazy as I once was - not nearly as much fun either. I haven't dyed my hair in well over a year, my makeup bag has long ago become lost in the back of the cabnet, and I get way too excited at the prospect of finally buying a bra that fits! I am married to a programmer, he's good at what he does. He writes software, makes a lot of money ( I can say that because I don't contribute a cent!) and he loves me even when I smell bad and yell alot -both of which happen way too often. I am a vet student, half way through my second year (in other words, a year and a half ago I sold my soul to the devil, threw out my rose-colored glasses, and got cozy with the dark hole which is now my life. We have a Dane and a Golden, a crippled cat, and three kittens who are currently suffering from a fungal infection, along with my husband these creatures are my sunshine - call me nutty, I probably am after all. I don't get out much anymore, I miss my friends. I am often tired, cranky, and scared - I am only human after all, but I also have a deep calming peace - for I am where I must be, God is good, and hopefully in another couple years I will be both smarter and better adjusted, though I have a hunch I will still be just me, which has always managed to somehow be good enough.


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